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High Point Hummer on Dirt Trax Television 2012 – Episode 26

Summer Times: Moab Hummer Tours – High Point Hummer and ATV’s Hummer tours take you through nature, climbing above the horizon and giving you a chance to look out at the red rock …

Summer Times: Moab ATV’s – There’s something special about the road less traveled, but no one wants to get lost out there, so High Point Hummer and ATV have their experienced tour guides take you exploring.

Summer Times: Moab Canyoneering – High Point Hummer and ATV gives everyone the chance to experience Moab’s canyons from a whole different perspective, with a number of guides who can help you safely scale down a cliff wall. They teach you how to do it yourself, but if you feel like you need help they’re right there to help you. Their goal is to make it a safe experience, and what an experience it is!

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Kirby: There’s steep, then there’s Moab slickrock steep
By Robert Kirby | Tribune Columnist

High Point’s brochure is filled with pictures of wholesome people having safe, relaxing fun in the great outdoors. And all of that is true.  >> Read this Article

Quad Off-Road Magazine A Nearly Alien Adventure – Exploring the San Rafael Swell in Utah Five Miles of Hell. I’d ridden it on a dirt bike before, and it was the hardest trail I’d ever done. The name is a bit misleading as it is actually 20 miles of atonement, some singletrack on rough rock, and some doubletrack on tire-swallowing soft surfaces. But, it gives you a heavenly feeling of awesomeness—a lot like the original aforementioned Captain Awesome—when you conquer it.
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41 Racing

41 Racing41 Racing 2010 Bluewater Desert Challenge 41 Racing team at the Best in the Desert 2010 Bluewater Desert Challange. Class 8 offroad race truck. Scott McFarland Driver (High Point Hummer owner), Rory L’Hommedieu Navigator. Tuck sponsors Pit Bull Tires, Ford, Trail Ready, Fox Racing Shocks.
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