For over 20 years, High Point Tours has  provided a variety of unique and scenic off-road family tours in Moab, Utah

About High Point Hummer & ATV

We take pride in offering an outstanding guest experience.  Our guides are well trained in safe practices, preservation, and the fascinating history of the area. We operate state-of-the art equipment, maintained to the highest degree. We welcome you to enjoy our convenient new down-town facility where our friendly staff  is here to help.

Stay Healthy - Stay Safe - Stay Smart - Stay Positive - ESCAPE INTO NATURE!
High Point HUMMER & ATV is OPEN for business!  Moab is a small isolated town, in the middle of hundreds of miles of amazing, open, un-populated, outdoor natural wonders.  There is no better time than now to escape and enjoy the fresh clean air and beautiful scenery around Moab.  We look forward to seeing you soon!