Moab’s Original Hummer Tour Company. Experience The Most Unique & Exciting  Adventure in Moab with High Point Hummer & ATV

Take a ride with High Point Hummer on Moab’s most exciting terrain.  Experience the world famous Hell’s Revenge Trail, guaranteed to raise your eyebrows, we will show you what a HUMMER® is built to do.

HIGH POINT HUMMER & ATV features exciting excursions to secluded canyons, hidden arches, prehistoric dinosaur tracks, and awe-inspiring panoramic overlooks of Arches National Park and the Colorado river. Experience the thrill of traveling up and down rolling petrified sand dunes as you ascend to the top of the Slickrock surrounding Moab.

Our professional guides provide the whole family with memories that will last a lifetime.  Truly an adventure for all ages!

Morning, Afternoon & Sunset Hummer Tours \  Complimentary In-Town Pickup
Complimentary Bottled Water & Light Snacks  \  Lunch & Dinner Hummer Tours Available

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There’s steep, then there’s Moab slickrock steep

"High Point’s brochure is filled with pictures of wholesome people having safe, relaxing fun in the great outdoors. And all of that is true"

Robert Kirby | Tribune Columnist

For over 20 years, High Point Tours has been providing a variety of unique and scenic off-road family tours in Moab.

We take pride in offering an outstanding guest experience. Our guides are well trained in safe practices, preservation, and the fascinating history of the area. We operate state-of-the art equipment, maintained to the highest degree. We welcome you to enjoy our convenient new down-town facility where our friendly staff is here to help.